If you’re like most parents, you have a few favorite websites and apps that your children use on a daily basis. Youtube is definitely one of them. But what if you found out that one of the videos your child was watching on Youtube was potentially harmful? That’s exactly what some parents in the US are finding out after their kids were watching videos with explicit and violent content aimed at kids as young as 6 years old. According to reports, some of these videos have been viewed up to 50 million times. So, is Youtube Kids safe? In short, no. There is simply too much content out there that is not safe for children—even if it’s just educational or entertaining content. If you’re concerned about the safety of your children, it’s important to monitor what they watch online and take appropriate action if necessary.

What is Youtube Kids?

Youtube Kids is a separate app that’s designed for kids. It has a simplified user interface, limited features, and ads. Some parents are concerned about the safety of Youtube Kids because it does not have the same parental controls as the main YouTube app.

What are the risks of Youtube Kids?

There are several risks associated with using Youtube Kids:

1. Child safety is a major concern. According to the YouTube Kids app’s website, “YouTube Kids is designed for children 6 and under. To use the app safely, please keep your child close by while they use it and be aware of what they are watching.” This means that parents have to be careful about what their children are watching on Youtube Kids.

2. The app has fewer safeguards than regular YouTube. For example, there’s no age limit on comments and videos, which could lead to dangerous interactions between children and adults. Additionally, there are no ratings or reviews system in place to help families make informed decisions about which videos to watch. This could lead to children watching content that is inappropriate or dangerous.

3. There is no parental control option available on Youtube Kids. This means that parents have no way of blocking certain content from their children or monitoring their internet usage in general while they’re using the app. This can be problematic if a child accesses inappropriate or harmful content without parental supervision.

4. There is no advertising restriction in place for videos on Youtube Kids, which could lead to monetization of inappropriate or harmful content. In addition, ads may also appear in videos that children would not expect (for example, when a video is embedded within another website). This can result in young viewers seeing unwanted ads frequently, which could increase the chances of them developing adverse viewing habits (such as expecting

How to make sure your children are safe on Youtube Kids

So, you’re thinking of giving your kids access to YouTube Kids! Wonderful choice! But how do you know it’s safe?

Here are a few things to keep in mind:

-YouTube Kids is designed for children 6 and up. If your child is younger, please use another video platform.

-Make sure your passwords are strong and unique. Don’t give your kids access to adult accounts or videos.

-We do not allow ads on YouTube Kids. This means that if your child sees an ad on YouTube Kids, it’s been automatically filtered out.

-Only upload content that you would want your child to see. Avoid inappropriate content, including violence, sexual innuendo, and drugs.

When it comes to finding safe, kid-friendly content on the internet, there are a few places parents can turn. Sites like YouTube Kids are designed with safety in mind, but there are still things parents can do to make sure their children are safe when using the platform.

Here are five tips for keeping your kids safe when using YouTube Kids:

1. Use verified accounts and channels. When you’re looking for kid-safe content, it’s important to use channels and accounts that have been verified by Google. These accounts have been through a rigorous process of screening, which means they’re likely to provide high-quality videos that are safe for young viewers.

2. Set parental controls. One of the best ways to keep your kids safe on YouTube is to set parental controls on your account. This will allow you to block specific types of content, limit how much time each day your children can spend watching videos, and more.

3. Use caution with recommended videos. When you’re looking for kid-safe content on YouTube Kids, be sure to read the recommendations before clicking any links. Some recommended videos might not be appropriate for young viewers, so be sure to avoid them if possible。

4. Avoid downloading videos from unknown sources. Never download a video from an unknown source – always check the link first before clicking it! If you’re unsure whether or not a video is appropriate for your child, contact the channel or publisher directly。