This world is now full of technology and innovation. These are increasing rapidly while transforming various industries. The diamond industry has not remained untouched.

Traditional diamonds take over millions of years to form under the Earth’s surface. It has been long since everyone cherish diamonds for their beauty, rarity and allure.

However, a revolutionary change has emerged in this industry. It is lab created diamonds, combining innovation and tradition in a way that could reshape the future of the jewel industry. This post will delve into the phenomenon of lab diamonds Perthand how they are reshaping the future.


The lab created diamonds, also known as cultured diamonds, are produced in a controlled laboratory environment using advanced technology that mimics the same formation process of a natural mined diamond.

Just like the traditional diamonds, lab grown diamonds also possess the same chemical, physical and other optical properties, making them distinguishable to bare eyes. Even, gemologists find it difficult to differentiate between them with the help of any equipment.  This achievement of science has given rise to a new ethical alternative to traditional diamond mining.

No impact on ecosystem

One of the most fascinating advantages of lab diamonds Perth is that their minimal environmental impact.

Naturally mined diamonds require extensive land excavation, which leads to deforestation, water pollution and soil erosion. They sometimes disrupt the local by destroying their habitats. Unlike mined diamonds, lab grown diamonds are made in a controlled environment by expert gemologists. So they require only a few resources and leave lower carbon footprint.

This eco-friendly characteristic of lab diamonds has attracted the environmentally conscious consumers who are willing to make the earth greener and healthier.  

Ethical diamonds

Outside their environmental benefits, lab created diamonds are also leading the charge in promoting ethical practices within the diamond industry.

Traditional diamond mining has long been reported by issues like child labour, forced labour, unsafe working conditions, human rights abuses and violations in some areas. On the other hand, lab grown diamonds are produced under strict labour regulations and follow to responsible sourcing guidelines.

This change towards ethical diamond production has matched with consumers who seek to make a positive impact with their purchasing decisions.

Great quality

Many jewellers believe in the misconception about the quality of lab created diamonds, assuming they lack brilliance. But it is to keep in mind that, their formation process is the same as mined diamonds.

Lab diamonds are formed under inspection, so there are no chances to have any lacking. Mined diamonds are formed naturally, the absence of allure and beauty might be there for being under the earth’s mantle for so many years but lab diamond are produced under rules. People can now use diamonds without needing to compromise on quality and beauty.