In the realm of home cooking and barbecue, there’s a name that’s been lighting up the scene with bold flavours and easy-to-master international dishes: Smoke and Flame Foods. At the helm is Charlotte Edmonds, a trailblazer transforming the way we think about grilling and oven cooking. Join us as we sit down with Charlotte to talk about the red hot BBQ seasoning and spice blends behind their culinary success, their dedication to demystifying barbecue, and their latest sizzling sensation, the Nepalese Chicken Sekuwa.


Host: Charlotte, thank you for joining us. Your brand’s slogan, “Built for the BBQ Yet Awesome In The Oven,” has a certain ring to it. Can you tell us how Smoke and Flame Foods came to embrace this versatile cooking ethos?

Charlotte Edmonds: Thank you for having me. When we started Smoke and Flame Foods, it was with the idea that great barbecue should be a feast for all seasons and senses, not just a summertime fling or the domain of the few. Whether it’s raining, shining, or you just prefer your kitchen oven, our products are designed to bring that smoky, savoury satisfaction to every table.

Host: Your flavours span the globe, which is quite an undertaking. How do you capture the essence of international cuisine so authentically?

More than just BBQ Rubs

Charlotte: That’s the heart of our mission—bringing authentic, bold flavours from around the world to your backyard. We invest a lot of time in research, partner with experts from those cuisines, and prioritize high-quality, traditional ingredients. It’s about more than just taste or a BBQ rub; it’s about the story and culture behind each dish.

Host: One of those stories you’re telling is with Nepalese Chicken Sekuwa. What inspired you to introduce this dish to your audience?

Charlotte: We’re always on the lookout for something unique, and Nepalese cuisine is rich with flavours that are just waiting to be shared. Chicken Sekuwa, with its tantalizing blend of spices and succulent texture, was the perfect candidate. It reflects our love for exploring lesser-known culinary treasures and making them accessible to home chefs everywhere.

Host: You place a strong emphasis on helping people improve their BBQ skills. What is your approach to culinary education?

Charlotte: We want to empower people to be fearless in front of their grills and ovens. By providing detailed instructions, clear ingredient lists, and even online support through our website, SmokeAndFlame.Net, we make sure that even those new to the grill can achieve BBQ brilliance with ease.

Host: In the food industry, innovation is key. What’s your strategy for staying ahead of the curve, especially with new product development?

Charlotte: We’re always in the kitchen playing with new combinations and drawing inspiration from the diverse culinary landscapes of the world. Our product development is a mixture of science, art, and a bit of adventure. We’re not just selling spice blends or meal kits; we’re selling new experiences.

Host: Let’s talk about those meal kits. What can a customer expect when they receive one from Smoke and Flame Foods?

Charlotte: Each meal kit is an invitation to a culinary adventure. Customers receive premium, pre-measured spices, a clear shopping list for fresh ingredients, and a fail-proof recipe card designed to walk them through the cooking process step-by-step. We remove the intimidation factor from trying new dishes, particularly from international cuisines.

Nepalese food… to your door

Host: With the convenience of your kits, it seems that anyone could make a complex dish like Nepalese Chicken Sekuwa. Is that the idea?

Charlotte: Precisely. We aim to simplify the process without sacrificing the depth of the dish’s original flavours. It’s about making global cuisine approachable and enjoyable for everyone.

Host: The holiday season is a busy time. How do your products help those looking to entertain?

Charlotte: Our meal kits are perfect for entertaining. They’re a great conversation starter and a promise of a memorable meal. Plus, since the hard part of meal prep is already taken care of, hosts can spend less time in the kitchen and more time with their guests.

Host: As you look to the future, what exciting developments can we expect from Smoke and Flame Foods?

Charlotte: We’re always experimenting with new flavours and looking into ways to make our operations as eco-friendly as possible. Sustainability is a big focus for us. We want to ensure that our passion for food also respects our planet.

Host: For those eager to try the Nepalese Chicken Sekuwa kit or explore other offerings, where should they head?

Charlotte: They can find everything on our website, SmokeAndFlame.Net. We have a range of spice blends and meal kits that cater to all tastes, and we’re always here to guide you to your next BBQ success.

Host: It’s been such a pleasure learning about the passion and innovation at Smoke and Flame Foods. Thank you, Charlotte, for giving us a taste of your world.

Charlotte: The pleasure is all mine.


At Smoke and Flame Foods, the proof is in the grilling. With a passionate commitment to bringing diverse international dishes to your dinner table, and with a special spotlight on the delectable Nepalese Chicken Sekuwa, Charlotte Edmonds and her team are inviting everyone to join a global BBQ movement, right from their own home. Whether you’re a seasoned pitmaster or a kitchen novice, SmokeAndFlame.Net is your gateway to a world where every meal is a discovery and every flavour tells a story. Join the journey, and let’s turn up the heat on home cooking together.Interview by:  Jamie Hartnoll, Chief Writer – Food and Lifestyle